Sunnansjögården offers wild watching in the middle of Sweden's most brown bear dense area. From our comfortable hide you can watch and photograph wild animals in their natural environment. The photo hides are built from timber with an opening for cameras and are equipped with chairs, beds and toilet -all you need for an exciting night in the hide! There is a chance to see bear, eagle, fox, game birds, lynx, wolverine, moose and deer from a close distance.

You don't have to be a professional photographer to enjoy the experience, our hides are adapted for everyone. Each person brings his own camera equipment, unless you prefer watching without photographing. It is possible to bring children to the hide but they may not enjoy sitting quiet and waiting a whole night. We drive the car almost the whole way to the hide, it is only the last 300m you need to walk. For people with disabilities there is a possibility to be driven the last bit with a quad bike. Please bring with you warm clothes, binoculars and your own camera equipment and tripod if you want to photograph.